A PM and a Programmer Lost in a Desert

Following a plane crash, a project manager and a programmer are lost in a desert with no civilization in sight.

The project manager realizes the hopelessness of the situation but nonetheless measures the growth on a stone.

“This way to water, man.”

The programmer then relates a number of life-saving techniques he recalls from Star Trek. The episode when Picard and Wesley crash in the desert. The PM is silent but observes the meaningful suggestions. He constantly measures their direction in the hot, dry sun.

Eventually, exhausted and without much hope, they climb over a sand dune to find an oasis! Running down the hill, the project manager stops the programmer inches from the shade, safety, and cool water.

“What are you doing? Checking for toxins? Is there danger?” asks the programmer.

“Are you kidding?” says the PM with disbelief. “I’m going to measure this!”

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