The Geek Ritual: You Can’t Do That

Many IT managers have proposed an idea to their team and then had to suffer the challenge of an unwashed, video gaming, gearhead claiming that the manager’s proposal “Can’t be done?” Project managers face these contests in the trenches but usually find quickly that there is no real competition. Read on to leap past this obstacle. Continue reading “The Geek Ritual: You Can’t Do That”

The Knowledge-is-Power Poison Pill

“Boys, we’re gonna take that hill,” said Sarge. But what he didn’t say was that the maps he distributed were out of date and the designated zone of operations was wrong. He hand-picked his men but none were rated on their weapons or terrain. He distributed magazines of ammunition, knowing the bullets were only tracers and useless in their campaign. “Now, let’s go!”

After the battle, Sarge will be able to talk about how his men met the challenge and how he empowered them. It’s sad that foot soldiers like Brian will be lost walking through an unmarked minefield. Now, all Sarge will need is replacements.

Some topics apply more to resource management or leadership in general. This is one but I emphasize that project managers have this exposure to some degree(at one job I managed resources as a PM, for instance). So, read on. Continue reading “The Knowledge-is-Power Poison Pill”