Young people can learn from my example that something can come from nothing. What I have become is the result of my hard efforts. -- Franz Joseph Haydn


The Wright Piano Studio is located in Little Elm, Texas and offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced piano lessons to adults and children age six and up. Also offered are beginning voice lessons, music theory lessons and tutoring. If you are in need of an accompanist for your instrumental or vocal performance, please email or call for more information.

Why piano lessons? Parents search diligently for opportunities to provide their children the best education and the ability to develop their character and personality, all in a fun and exciting environment that will teach lessons and develop good habits that will follow them throughout their lives. Playing the piano is inspiring, relaxing, enriching, and rewarding. Students will use and develop abstract thinking skills, problem-solving skills, time management skills, and listening skills. They will learn to exercise discipline and patience and understand the virtue of daily practice (you can't cram for a recital the night before!).

Why should I choose the Wright Piano Studio? Here are several reasons the Wright Piano Studio is the right place for you.

**A relaxed, comfortable, friendly atmosphere! Of course, if you want to be a concert pianist I can certainly turn up the pressure. But most students are looking for a fun and entertaining way to nurture their love for music. I am a very patient teacher and have taught even the most attention-deficit students with a smile on my face. Accomplishments are praised and rewarded and corrections are made with encouragement. Lessons are in my home, and your waiting area is my living room complete with big screen tv (wired for internet access). Watch a movie, check your email on the big screen, web pages bookmarked with online musical games for students, or access our high-speed wi-fi connection.

**I have taught students of all ages, each with their own goal. Some are interested in lessons for their budding young musician, some strive to be professional musicians, and some simply want to play for their own enjoyment. I have also taught at music schools, public schools, churches, and as a traveling teacher in students' homes. Most music schools will teach you what they think you need to know. As your teacher, I will find out what your own personal goals are and get to know you or your child as an individual. I will tailor my teaching to discover your "learning language" and how you learn. Unfortunately, most music schools are willing to hire teachers with little experience in music education. They may be professional musicians, but not professional educators. An educator has a "bag of tricks" to pull from -- a million different ways to convey the same concept. They will care about your child's musical education because they have a passion not only for music but also for learning. A professional musician may simply say "I can do it. Why can't you?" You don't want your child to be the first student the teacher has ever taught.

**As a wife and mother, I also understand that families are busy! Conflicts, make-up lessons and cancellations will happen. The advantage of taking lessons in a home studio is that I can be flexible and understanding, rather than holding you to an unrealistic policy like most music schools. Because of this perspective, I have a very high student retention rate and most of my students come from personal referrals. I treat families as I would want my own family treated.

**You can know without a doubt that you will have the same teacher for each lesson. At most music schools, if a teacher is not available to teach a lesson on any given day the school will have another teacher fill in for them. Unfortunately, the teacher may teach guitar, voice, drums -- anything except piano. You are paying for a piano teacher and you should receive a highly qualified piano teacher at every lesson.

**No long-term commitment required! It is cheaper to pay monthly and receive several "free" lessons through the year, but at the Wright Piano Studio there is no penalty for ending a contract early because there is no contract.

**What about group piano classes? They look cheaper and my child is so young I'm not sure if a private lesson is right for them yet. Some schools do offer group piano classes. They will offer them to maximize profits (teaching several students at once rather than one at a time) in a minimum amount of time. However, having taught these classes at a music school, I would not recommend them, especially if students are very young. Teachers will often spend more time trying to keep students on track than actually instructing them. For instance, the teacher will give group instructions, then move to each individual student to follow-up and be sure they are following instructions. While the teacher is working with Sally, they may not notice that Jose and Mark have crawled under the piano they have to share because the school has overbooked the class. Valuable seconds and minutes that you are paying for will be wasted. If you choose private lessons with Wright Piano Studio I will focus my full and complete attention on what you are paying for -- your child's musical education.

I am pleased to offer a free 30-minute consultation to all potential students. It is important to find the right teacher for each student and each teacher has a different approach. Please call or email for an appointment and I will help you make the best decision regarding your or your child's musical education.

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