Finally a Moleskine for Project Management

A couple of questions always come to mind when I encounter Moleskine notebooks. 1) How could anybody be so arrogant as to think anything they would write needed to be captured in an overpriced notebook? 2) How could anyone be arrogant enough to buy that notebook? Then I met the Moleskine Professional Notebook.

Data Capture

Years ago I used various versions of the Hipster and PocketMod Notebooks because they allowed me to address my immediate data capture and retrieval needs in very self-tailored ways. Moleskines are a step up just because they bring together that obvious need for a custom experience. Something that stands out about this line of notebooks to me as a notetaker is that the paper is sturdy, feels nice, and takes ink very well. Secondly, all the notebooks are designed for the user experience. You don’t expect that but there it is.

Data Retrieval

This one, the Professional Notebook model, appeals to me because it is geared to taking meeting notes, capturing discussion, and driving out action items.  It also has the very desirable trait of page numbers! Discussions can then be indexed in the back with the preprinted index. To speed your data retrieval, there is a sheet of stick-on tabs which are great for dealing with multiple projects or teams. Brilliant.

For those of us that need a little flexibility to draw, chart, and so on, the markers on the pages are very subtle. A notetaker isn’t forced into the black or dashed lines of another person’s approach. Have your freedom.

In the last few pages after the index you will find preprinted, perforated to-do lists. It fits a PM’s workflow in the industries I have worked.

Is it worth $21.00–heck, no! I have no complaints for this product, apart from the price. Get it on Amazon or somewhere else you can get a break. I pasted the Amazon link below so you can see nice photos of it.

Moleskine Professional Notebook Large (Moleskine Legendary Notebooks)

(Full disclosure: if you use this link to buy, a portion of the purchase helps monetize this site. Which would help compensate for me having paid full price for mine!)

Special Instructions

This notebook does not need to be rebooted, charged, or backed up–altho, I do tend to transfer my notes to my communication log. If you drop it, it will continue to function.

I do recommend a daily review habit, move action items from yesterday to the top of today–if you work that way–to make your paper databank work for you.

Do I arrogantly think anyone will ever want to read my notes? Nope, but I like the experience of reading my own writing.

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