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certified project management professional

i finally conceded to the need to become a certified PMP.

owa new message button v0.1: greasemonkey script

the latest script to make life better for OWA Lite users. this script adds a new message button to all pages (except those with the new message link in the toolbar). other scripts are coming. to use the latest, install greasemonkey and download the user script.

edit your includes and let me know if it works for you.

owa refresher v0.1: greasemonkey script

if you use owa lite, the 2007 exchange server version of microsoft's web interface for email, and you use Firefox you already know how unpleasant the experience is. to help make the owa lite experience more tolerable i have written a greasemonkey script to help take the pain out of it. this first feature i have implemented makes the mail list refresh itself. other scripts are coming. to use the latest, install greasemonkey and download the user script.

let me know if it works for you.


you can hire me! i usually work on a subcontract basis providing internet solutions to people just like you. i have led teams and architected entire systems. contact me and let me show you what today's under utilized technologies can do for you.

i have been fortunate enough to administrate many linux and windows servers in a number of enterprise architectures including weblogic. i have successfully installed and maintain several versions of oracle and mysql on linux.

working with my hosting clients i have configured spamassassin to greatly reduce time and money lost to spammers.

while the realm of computer security is constantly developing, i am proficient in securing systems and researching network security issues. this goes beyond dealing with spyware and virus threats. recently, i helped expose individuals attempting to use computer systems to endanger children.

on the programming front i am an outstanding front-end developer and system designer. languages are rarely a barrier for me. i have written (and worked with teams to write) many applications for intranets, turning bland web pages into highly effective interfaces for productivity--completely removing the pain of software installations.

on the back-end of programming i work well with the multi-tier paradigm. this combined with documentation and leadership techniques i have learned greatly reduce expense and maintenance burdens associated with software development.

i have been engaged in many industries and consulted for big accounting firms, beverage makers, trade show companies, recording artists, radio stations, writers, international companies, and local firms.

recently i decided to put myself thru the added pain and expense of getting some certifications. as i get them i will put them here for the world to see. Yeah, they're pointless, but there actually are people who care about this sort of thing.


gaml, generated ado middle layer, is an open source project in prerelease state. It's purpose is to take a set of options, interrogate a database table, and generate php source for edit, search, list, delete and all needed util pages in addition to middle layer classes. This project uses the excellent ADODb library.

gaml news

even in pre-alpha gaml is saving me weeks of work. a few enhancements and usabiltiy bugs and it will be in beta! this has become an exciting advancement.

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