Save Yourself: When OS X X11 Windows Appear With Titlebar Off Screen

This is a quick life saver. Running X11 programs in OS X can make you crazy when your Mac places the top of the window out of reach and the normal mover/handles don’t work. You can’t access controls or move it! To get around it, place the cursor over the edge of the visible window. It will change to resize. Now press OPTION and click-drag the window horizontally then anywhere you like.

Hope this helps!

Fuzzy SQL Update Sugar Contacts

Ever need to match up records for updates but there is no clear relationship to the existing data? There may be duplicates, multiple hits, or a new update may be needed. Here is some sample SQL I used when I needed to reassign contacts in SugarCRM based on a certain kind of relevance, no predictable fields or keys, the data comes in a bucket of excel. Yikes!

This applies to SugarCRM 6.x and is not tested on 7.x without retooling but the technique would help with similar data.

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Dynamically Run Golang Code

Golang, Google’s GO language, emphatically has no support for dynamically loading modules. I have a project, however, that can require a completely different configuration based on very minor changes in situations and environment. Nightmare! I hate it when there is no clear solution to a problem. Then I realized I can write my own code dynamically! Continue reading “Dynamically Run Golang Code”

Get Campaign Listing From InBox25 API Using Golang
Inbox25 is a pretty versatile email vendor. It provides a huge number of ways to integrate with CRMs and online services in ways that provide email tools, lead tracking, reporting, and an expanding palette of features. Definitely check them out at if you have no idea what they do.

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Use Context To Save The Project: Learn From NSA Missteps

The controversy surrounding the NSA has introduced a situation that we haven’t faced before, nationally, but there are similar situations and potential remedies that project managers can apply in day-to-day project management. When corporate warfare dips into a PM’s project he has two options: sit in silence or act to contain the damage. But how? Continue reading “Use Context To Save The Project: Learn From NSA Missteps”

The Bigger Picture, Context

Buried in a recent meeting, I looked around the room and imagined how much the meeting would change if everyone was wearing a clown head but saying the same things. All those facets would change even more dramatically if we were meeting in a burning building. A swimming pool. Had I been paying attention I wouldn’t have realized that I was thinking about context. Continue reading “The Bigger Picture, Context”

Are You A Cog Or A Saw Blade?

The metaphor of a cog in the machine is timeless and pretty much cliché. But it is also a generalization that remains because it is so right. Within project management the question applies to your planning, prioritization, but mostly to your strategization. To fulfill your project’s needs are you a cog that operates smoothly or do you slice through the organization’s resources and processes like a blade? Continue reading “Are You A Cog Or A Saw Blade?”